Valor Essential Oil


Young Living’s Valor essential oil is a blended oil. There are 4 oils that are combined to make Valor.


Spruce oil, also called Black Spruce, is used to support the immune system. It is also used to support proper joint function, and help with occasional muscle pain after exercise.

Blue Tansy

We spoke about Blue Tansy last time when we discussed Peace and Calming essential oil. You will remember that Blue Tansy is good for soothing the skin.


Ok, first let me say this – Rosewood oil rocks. When I first read about all of the benefits of Rosewood essential oil, I was impressed. I had no idea that so much goodness existed in this oil that I really was not too familiar with. Ready? Rosewood oil is good for promoting relaxation. Ok, stop right there. I love it already. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, lifting your spirits when you occasionally feel blue. And it can help relieve occasional nervous tension too. It is also used to help with those mild mood swings we get during that time of the month. I mean, hypothetically of course. I happen to be very well-balanced and good-natured at all times, and I really think my husband is kidding when he hides from me for a few days every month. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

Moving right along, rosewood essential oil is also great for your skin. It will cleanse the skin, no matter your age or skin type. I hear it’s great for wrinkles too!


You can see my earlier post on Frankincense to get a more detailed explanation of its benefits, such as supporting proper joint function and it’s also beneficial for the skin.

So now that you know what oils make up Valor, you should definitely be asking what Valor can do as a whole. You can rub a couple of drops of Valor on to your joints to promote proper joint function. And for occasional muscle pain after exercise, massage a couple of drops to the heels of your feet.

Valor is also said to promote restful sleep. It is recommended to apply Valor to the bottoms of your feet before bed.

If you’d like to give Valor a try, just visit the Order Oils page where you can place an order or view Young Living’s product catalog.  And remember, you can always ask me any question you may have about the oils, or how to set up an account with Young Living, or even how the weather in Florida is.


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