Valerian Essential Oil

Does this happen to you sometimes?

You’re lying in bed. It’s quiet and dark, and your exhausted body welcomes the rest. But…your eyes are wide open. You want to sleep, but your brain is not ready. It refuses to let you shut down and go to sleep. You toss and turn, trying to find just that right spot that will usher in that mental rest that you crave.

Sound familiar?

We won’t get into the reasons people experience occasional sleeplessness, such as stress, eating habits, age, hormones, and spiders. Yeah, you heard me, spiders. I can’t possibly be the only one who has spent many sleep-time hours searching for the “spider that got away”. You know, the one that narrowly escaped the bottom of your shoe, and then laughed at you while it hid under your bed.

Yeah, we won’t go there today.

The good news is that Young Living has an oil that promotes restful sleep. It’s called Valerian. And it is wonderful.

I typically can fall asleep fairly quickly. But I’m also a light sleeper. Noises will wake me, such as thunder, cars driving by, ice cube trays filling up, etc. It happens every night, and I’m used to it. Plus, I’m at the age where nature calls while I’m sleeping. So I have to get up.  Do I think the quality of my sleep is affected? Probably some.

But on the nights where I apply Valerian to the bottoms of my feet before bed? I’m unconscious until the rooster crows. And by rooster, I mean alarm clock.

Another cool thing about Valerian is that promotes relaxation. Which I’m sure is why it helps promote sleep so well. When your mind is relaxed, it can truly rest.

 I think you should give Valerian a try.  Check out the product guide on the Order Oils page to view and/or purchase Valerian.

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