Spring Diffuser Recipes – Part 4

Spring diffuser

Ready for this week’s spring diffuser recipe?

Good, because it’s a fun one.





4 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

2 drops Purification essential oil 

2 drops Stress Away essential oil 

This one had a very pleasant scent, and it definitely filled the room quickly. And it really brought a spring-like feeling to the house.

If you’re new to Young Living essential oils, remember that the Premium Starter Kit  is a great way to try out the most popular and commonly used oils. Most of the oils used in these springtime recipes are included in the PSK – including Purification and Stress Away  from today’s recipe.

AND – the PSK also includes a diffuser!! The diffuser is simple to use, and it will enable you to experience your oils in a whole new way.

And, if you are a veteran oiler, there is a good chance that you have a multitude of diffusers throughout your home.

There are so many different diffusers out there now, and so many of them are FUN!

Remember the SpaGlow diffuser I talked about in week one, the one that changes colors?

Here are a couple more diffusers you can check out. These have been very popular in my area, and I am looking to add one (or two or three) to my collection.

Spa Mister 

Spa Vapor 

So, it’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of the spring diffuser series. If you missed any of the other posts, you can find them here:

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I really hope you have enjoyed these recipes. I know I had a blast throwing different oils together to make a “spring –y” blend.

Have you tried your own spring combo in the diffuser? I’d love to hear it and try it out!

Well, I’m going to get started on my summer diffuser recipes for a new series to be published in June.

Happy diffusing!

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