Finally – a place to store my oils!

If you’ve been using essential oils – for any period of time – you know that these things multiply.
It’s true.
You start out with one or two bottles, or maybe even a Premium Starter Kit.
And then you want more.
Because you see how great they work. And you love that they are PURE, all-natural products.
So you keep adding more oils to your arsenal.
And then comes the big question.

Where am I going to put all these?

I tried creating makeshift oil holders, or clearing out space on a dresser.
But nothing really worked at being functional and saving space at the same time.
Then someone, somewhere, on some essential oil site, talked about using a nail polish rack to hold her oils.
Great idea!!
So I looked up nail polish racks on Amazon. And I bought one.
And it is wonderful!

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find it here.

The oils fit in it perfectly, and you can see all of the bottles very clearly.
The rack can hold 96 nail polish bottles, so you will be able to fit at least that many 15-ml oil bottles.
I keep the 5-ml, 15-ml, and roll-on sizes on mine. (yes, the shelves are tall enough to fit the roll-ons!)
The best part for me is that the oils are now all off of the dresser, and they are all in one place! (except for the ones that “travel” with me at all times)
If you’ve been looking for a space-saving storage solution for your oils, I highly recommend this rack.
Anyone else have any neat ways that you store your oils?
Leave a comment and let me know!


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