Smells Like Fall!


Fall is here. Even for those of us in Florida.
It’s true. It has dipped into the 60’s the past couple of mornings.
Don’t hate.
In any case, even if the weather doesn’t make you feel like the seasons have changed and the holidays are coming, the retail stores sure will.
I think they start putting out Christmas items around, what, April I think it is?
So, we put summer behind, and start preparing for the colder seasons. Which, again, in Florida means we may have to reach for the sweater buried in the back of the closet. And possibly wear closed-toe shoes.
But if you are like me, one of your favorite things about this time of year is the smells. The smell of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies at Christmas. The pine scent of the Christmas tree. Peppermint candy canes.
And the candles – the holiday candle scents are the best, aren’t they?
Well, Young Living has a lot of essential oils that smell pretty awesome too. And when you diffuse them, the whole room will smell great.
I found a couple of “recipes” for fall diffusing blends, and they smell WONDERFUL.

Here they are:

Young Living’s Harvest Blend
5 drops orange essential oil
3 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
1 drop clove essential oil
1 drop nutmeg essential oil

Fall Scents Blend 1
2 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops orange essential oil
3 drops clove essential oil
3 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

Fall Scents Blend 2
2 drops clove essential oil
2 drops orange essential oil
1 drop patchouli essential oil
1 drop Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil

Woodsy Blend
4 drops Frankincense essential oil
3 drops Cypress essential oil
2 drops Vetiver essential oil

Those are just a few examples of the combinations of oils you can diffuse for great fall scents. And remember, many of these oils promote calm and relaxation too, so the benefits of diffusing them will be twofold: great smells and relaxation.
And here’s a great perk.

Through October 31st, if you order 190PV or more, you will receive 3 free oils – Cinnamon bark, orange, and nutmeg! Those oils are in most of recipes listed above, so if you don’t have them, here’s a great way to get them.

So here’s a scenario for those of you who haven’t yet started using Young Living essential oils:
Order the Premium Starter Kit = 100PV
Add clove essential oil = 15.25PV
Add patchouli essential oil = 33.75PV
Add Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil = 24.75PV
Add Cypress essential oil = 19.25PV
Add Vetiver essential oil = 20.75PV
Your total would be 213.75PV (cost would be $263.75), and you would have EVERY oil listed in the all of the diffuser blends above (and the diffuser)!
You will automatically qualify for the 3 FREE oils (you don’t have to add them to the order – they are added on automatically when you hit 190PV or higher).

What a deal! 16 oils + a diffuser + 3 FREE oils!!!

Plus you receive other perks, such as samples, a product guide, 24% discount for all orders (not including the Premium Starter Kit), and the opportunity to receive credits towards FREE oils if you join the Essential Rewards program! (ask me for details about the ER program)
Sound good?
Ready to order?
Any Questions?

And for the Young Living “veterans” – what oils do you diffuse in the fall? I’d love to hear your recipes!

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.