Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves. Sounds like a strange name for an essential oil right? I had a friend ask me recently (with a grin on her face), “so if I apply this, does it make me want to steal?” Haha.

Well, according to Young Living’s website, the name Thieves comes from a well-researched story about 4 thieves from France who would rob plague victims. The thieves would cover themselves with cloves and rosemary before coming into contact with the plague victims in order to protect themselves.

Which leads to the next question – what exactly is in Young Living’s Thieves essential oil? Thieves is a blended oil, which means that it contains more than one essential oil. The oils used in Thieves are clove, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, and eucalyptus radiata. All of those oils on their own are very effective oils. Young Living put them all together to make one SUPER oil to support healthy immune function.

I have diffused Thieves in our home to help contribute to better health. And another reason it’s great to diffuse? It smells great!

If you’d like to find out more about Thieves, or any of the other Young Living essential oils, shoot me a message!

P.S. – Thieves is part of Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit!



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