Stress Away Essential Oil

Stress Away. Love the name. Don’t you? I mean, picture yourself just pushing stress away from your body. Lovely thought. Well, Young Living’s Stress Away essential oil can’t keep all the stress from your life….but it can help give you a little peace, and maybe even a more relaxed perspective.

Just like the past few oils that we have discussed, Stress Away is a blended oil. It is made up of several different oils. Let’s take a look at those oils.


Copaiba, pronounced, “co-pie-buh”, is a very popular oil because it is very effective at supporting healthy digestion.


Yes, there really is a lime essential oil. And you can use lime essential oil to flavor your food, much like you would with an actual piece of lime.


Cedarwood essential oil is great for promoting relaxation. It is often used in massage because of its soothing quality.


I’m not making it up. There actually is a vanilla oil. Sounds yummy. The kind of vanilla oil that Young Living uses comes from Mexico (the place of more yummy things! – says the girl with a salsa addiction). It used mainly for…well, flavoring. I think it has a great smell too.


Ocotea essential oil has natural cleansing properties. And it is used in some of Young Living’s natural appetite suppressant products, because it can give you the feeling of fullness.


You may remember the post I did on Lavender essential oil. You’ll probably remember that I gushed about it because it’s my very favorite essential oil. Why? Because it’s pretty much great for, you know, EVERYTHING. Seriously, it’s awesome. It’s used for occasional nervous tension, calming, rest, etc etc.  You get the picture.

So those are the oils that make up Stress Away. I bet now you can probably tell that Stress Away is pretty special. Look at all of those cool oils that are in it!! Stress Away is extremely popular among oily people (as in those who use essential oils, NOT people who look oily. Eww.) So what are some of the uses for Stress Away?

Well, it can help reduce everyday stress. Duh. Pretty obvious. But so important. Are there any of you out there who don’t have stress in your life?  *crickets*

Yeah, exactly. Stress Away can promote a sense of calm and peacefulness in you. It can be applied to your wrists or the back of your neck when you want to relax. 

Because of its soothing and calming properties, Stress Away promotes proper sleep and rest. Others have claimed it works well for occasional mood changes associated with the menstrual cycle. Once again, I claim ignorance, as I am a shiny happy person at all times, and have no clue as to what that is.

Ok, the truth is….Stress Away….I want to just bathe in it. Because some days…oh you know those days. Sigh. 

So anyway, on those days, Stress Away is a comfort to have around. I like to give stress a double whammy. Stress Away and prayer. After all, Jesus is the best stress reliever there is. He’s free, He doesn’t run out, and He’s very effective.

And because Young Living knows how much people love Stress Away, they throw it right in that Premium Starter Kit. Just to make it that more enticing. And awesome.

If you have any questions about Stress Away, or any of the other oils or Young Living products, please just ask!


Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.