Joy Essential Oil

Young Living’s Joy essential oil is a blended oil, which, as you may remember from my previous posts, means that it is made up of more than one individual oil. The engineers at Young Living perfectly blend together these different oils to make them the most effective that they can be.

First, let’s look at all of the oils that make up Joy, and their functions. Then we will look at their uses as a blended oil.


When I first saw this word, I thought it probably had some really cool pronunciation, you know, where the final “t” is silent and all that. So I googled it, so that I could show off and tell you all the correct way to pronounce it. Well, it turns out it is pronounced exactly like it looks. In fact, you can hear it for yourself here. Oh well, even if the pronunciation isn’t that exciting, the oil sure is. Bergamot essential oil is used to gently soothe away tension. It is actually very effective to use at a certain time of the month, ladies. (not that we struggle with bad moods during that time. We are SO not that kind of woman. *cough* *cough*). Anyway, umm, husbands take note. Buy this for your wives. If only for your own well-being.


You can read all about the benefits of lemon essential oil here, in one of my earlier posts. As you will recall, Young Living’s lemon oil is very versatile and is one of the most commonly used essential oils.


Since I do enjoy picking apart these names, let me not disappoint you on this one. Palmarosa sounds like one of my Italian relatives. Like, “don’t eat too much right now, your cousin Palmarosa is coming for dinner.” (If you’re Italian, you’ll get it.) So, the oil Palmarosa is used for creating an atmosphere of Italian culture. KIDDING. It’s actually used to soothe and promote a relaxed feeling for the mind and body. Sounds good to me!

Ylang Ylang

I did NOT just make up this word. I promise. It is really a flower. Ok, so this one is hard to pronounce. Or maybe it’s me. But again, I did research it, and here is the correct pronunciation. I decided that I like my way of saying it better, which is “lang-lang”. In any case, this oil is quite awesome. I may even do a post on it some day. Ylang Ylang is used to resolve the irritability that can ruin your day. Cool, right? Here’s a bonus – it is also used to enhance the marital mood if you know what I mean. (All the husbands still reading after the bergamot info just put another oil on their list for wifey).

Rose oil helps promote emotional well-being, it’s great for the skin, blah blah. (I’m just bummed because I have nothing funny to say about the name). But here’s a fun fact, straight from Young Living: “22 pounds of rose petals are distilled for every 5-ml bottle of oil produced” Wow. That is a lot of rose petals.


Geranium is very beneficial for supporting a healthy respiratory system. This is another favorite for women, as it is very good at taming those monthly symptoms.


Similar to many of the oils above, Jasmine is great for soothing and relaxing. It is also used in many of Young Living’s skin care products, as it benefits the skin.

Roman Chamomile

This oil also has calming properties, and it is also used for occasional sore muscles.


Coriander, aside from sounding like a name a celebrity would name their child, is great for promoting healthy digestion.


Tangerine is great for supporting healthy digestion too. Plus it contains d-limonene, which will help in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Whew. So as you can see, Joy essential oil is packed FULL of great oils. Each one of those oils on their own sound marvelous, so when you blend them all together – it just gets better. For instance, you can rub a drop of Joy on your wrists to soothe your occasional nervous tension. You can massage a few drops onto your body to help with muscle soreness after exercise. Or you can simply put a drop under your nose, so that you can inhale Joy to promote relaxation.

One of my favorite uses for Joy is for menstrual cramp relief. I use about 3-4 drops on my abdomen to ease the pain. I will sometimes follow up with Young Living’s lavender essential oil after about 10 minutes if the cramps are severe. And, as stated earlier, this of course does not apply to US, but for some other people, it can be very helpful at battling mild mood swings during that time of month.

Here are some other uses for Joy essential oil:

Relieve occasional nervous tension

Air Freshener

Supports heart muscle function

Laundry fragrance

Mild Mood swings

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living’s Joy essential oil, or if your name is Palmarosa and you are now very annoyed with me, just shoot me a message! (but don’t shoot me).


Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

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