Copaiba Essential Oil

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I thought I’d take a quick moment to write about Young Living’s Copaiba essential oil.

Especially because Copaiba is now part of the Premium Starter Kit.

First, let’s talk about the pronunciation. I have heard people butcher the name of this oil more times than I’ve heard my maiden name mispronounced.

No, I’m not telling what my maiden name is, but it’s Italian and has 27 letters.


Sort of.

Anyway, I have seen a couple of “acceptable” ways to say Copaiba, but the most common one is : Co – pie – buh.

Not too difficult, right?

Although I must admit, every time I say “Copaiba”, I feel like I’m speaking cutesy babble to a newborn.

So, to put it simply, Copaiba promotes wellness.

Ok, I realize that statement is very vague. But remember, there are certain large, governing bodies (with 3 letters) that dictate what can be said about natural products like essential oils.

And I must abide by those rules.

Hence, the vague statements.

But that’s okay, because in this case, it doesn’t matter.

Copaiba promotes wellness, and everyone wants to remain healthy.

So it’s a great oil to have on hand, and it’s why it became so popular that Young Living added it to the Premium Starter Kit.

Copaiba can be taken internally, either in a capsule or added to a drink.

Many people like to include a drop or two of Copaiba, along with honey, and add it to warm water to make a tea.

If you prefer swallowing a capsule, simply add a drop or two of Copaiba to an empty capsule and swallow with water. Capsules are inexpensive, and a terrific delivery system for your oils.

Here’s one of the options you can use for purchasing capsules.

And, as always, if you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment or send me a message.



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